A Deep Dive into the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Process

A Deep Dive into the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification Process

Our committed advisors are only a phone call away and happy to talk to you about your career ambitions and help guide you in any way we can. We suggest filling out the form on this page to get connected with an advisor and we will be happy to reach out, or give us a call any time. 20 Modules that help you master the foundations of Ethical Hacking and prepare to challenge the CEH certification exam. He further elaborates by saying that businesses that take cybersecurity seriously are not just protecting their data and their customer’s data, but they are also securing their competitive edge over other companies in their industry that haven’t done so.

Currently on Version 12, C|EH version releases are paced every months, depending on major trends in the market, new tools, vulnerabilities, operating systems, and much more. The costs of the CEH course and exam are greatly compensated by the generous certified ethical hacker salary. The average wage you can expect is around $97,000, and IT security professionals who possess the CEH can earn more. There is also a high demand for IT security professionals and for this reason, the salary, and benefits are definitely perks. IT security is a growing field and the certified ethical hacker in an important role. The certified ethical hacker job description mainly involves thwarting malicious hacking attempts through preventative counter-measures.

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This ethical hacking certification from the EC-Council ranks among the top cybersecurity certifications companies are hiring for, appearing in nearly 10,000 job search results. The CEH is designed to help you think like a hacker and build skills in penetration testing and attack vectors, detection, and prevention. Ethical hacking is one of the most effective ways to make systems and networks as resistant to cybercrime as possible, but a successful ethical hacker needs to be as skilled as the malicious hackers trying to gain unrestricted access to systems and data. As a cybersecurity professional, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve so that you’re aware of new hacking techniques and tools well before you have to confront them. Ethical hackers need to be able to test network security and operating systems for vulnerabilities.

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Objective-based flags are designed around the ethical hacking process, keeping skills current, testing critical thinking abilities, and covering the latest vulnerabilities and exploits as they are discovered. EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) program is the best way to become an ethical hacker with world-renowned credentials. The C|EH program provides learners with a comprehensive range of skills and a deep understanding of ethical hacking by combining theoretical instruction with hands-on training. Once you pass the final exam and earn your C|EH certification, you’ll be able to test a wide array of systems to discover their vulnerabilities before malicious hackers can exploit them.

Ethical Hacker Salary in 2024: India, USA, Canada, UAE, and other

The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) is a hands-on penetration testing certification widely considered to be the most difficult ethical hacking certification. To earn OSCP, you must complete an online course, then pass a set of OSCE exams over a specific period. There are many certification options for ethical hackers to help prepare you for this career path and teach you new skills and experiences.

  • Cover the fundamentals of key issues in the information security world, including the basics of ethical hacking, information security controls, relevant laws, and standard procedures.
  • In the case of military organizations, ethical hackers are highly trained in offensive and defensive activities and possess the critical skill sets and tactics to evaluate target systems and defend their own organization’s assets in real time.
  • In the UK for example, JOBLIFT, reports that the demand for jobs in ethical hacking increased by 3X the rate of supply.
  • Programming skills are also needed to analyze and reverse-engineer malicious code.
  • Certified Ethical Hackers are hired by organization’s either on contract or as full-time employees to help improve the organizations security posture.

C|EH official training is structured as 5-day Bootcamp style training with testing typically delivered at the end of the 5th day as a 4-hour exam. Students who follow an on-demand or self-paced course through iClass or decide to defer their testing date may certified ethical hacker take longer to achieve certification. The ethical hacker must not only comply with any rules that the system/network owners see fit but also the laws of the land. The white-hackers main aim is to assess the security posture of an organization or business.

Cybersecurity Trends: Where the Industry Is Heading in an Uncertain 2024

As of August 2022, a simple search in Salary.com for United States based positions show that Certified Ethical Hackers make an average of $103,866 per year, with the 90th percentile earning above $130,000. Experience, education levels, and other certifications provide even more value in most cases, but it is common to see starting salaries for Ethical Hackers that stretch well into six figures. We recommend searching your local job boards, viewing local salary information, and talking to potential employers to assess your own value in the market. C|EH has been ranked in the top 5 highest paid cybersecurity certifications for the last 10 years and continues to grow worldwide. By leveraging these methodologies, ethical hackers can ensure their penetration tests are thorough, reflective of real-world scenarios, and equipped to uncover vulnerabilities across the cloud infrastructure and applications.

  • To earn OSCP, you must complete an online course, then pass a set of OSCE exams over a specific period.
  • Whether you want to add pen-test skills or computer forensic skills to your program, live training has you covered.
  • While all CEH course kits have complete access to eCourseware and include an exam voucher, a few additional features and learning materials can be added to build deeper expertise and gain practical experience.
  • CEH certification can open doors to a variety of cybersecurity roles, including penetration tester, security consultant, security analyst, or information security officer.

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